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Tretinoin is a structural analogue of vitamin A that is used for the treatment of acne. This drug contributes to the skin cells regeneration and thus helps reduce the severity of skin lesions and improve appearance. Patients with acne can be prescribed one of three Tretinoin forms, i.e. cream, gel, or liquid for topical use. The precise mechanism of action, due to which Tretinoin helps to get rid of acne is not known.

Buy Tretinoin Cream Online

Indications for topical acne treatment

Tretinoin may be prescribed for symptomatic acne treatment in:

  • Children aged 10 and over.
  • Adults and elderly patients.

Tretinoin gel, cream, or liquid can be used in combination:

  • with oral medicines for acne treatment;
  • with other skin care products for topical use.

The first results of acne treatment are observed within 14-21 days after the beginning of therapy with Tretinoin. In rare cases, Tretinoin should be used for 1.5 months or more for a clinically significant remission of acne.

This drug can be used for long-term therapy of acne as long as the actual (individual) benefits of such treatment outweigh the potential risks. The effectiveness of Tretinoin should be assessed by a doctor based on medical and physical examination data.

If the effectiveness of Tretinoin began to decline or the risk started outweighing the benefit over time, the patient should discuss with the doctor other acne treatment options or consider changing the dosage of Tretinoin.

Dosage for acne monotherapy

Depending on the severity and frequency of acne vulgaris relapse, patient may be recommended one of three Tretinoin strengths:

  • 0.025% (low-dose)
  • 0.05% (mild-dose)
  • 0.1% (high-dose)

Multiple strengths of Tretinoin provide with the dosing flexibility, based on the individual therapeutic response and side effects severity. The highest concentration of Tretinoin 0.1% should be used only if lower concentrations of 0.025% and 0.05% prove inefficient.

No matter what dosage forms & strength were selected, Tretinoin should be used not more often than one time a day. Topical Tretinoin should be applied only to the inflammatory lesions without affecting healthy skin.

If emollients are used to intensively moisturize and regenerate sensitive skin, these emollients should be to wash off before Tretinoin application.

After the application of this topical medicine, patient can feel burning and discomfort on his skin. If this side effect is very severe, doctor may recommend reducing the frequency of use or changing the dosage of Tretinoin.

If Tretinoin is prescribed along with other medicines to treat acne, the dosing regimen should be tailored for each case.

Who should avoid using Tretinoin

Therapy of acne vulgaris with Tretinoin should not be prescribed to patients with:

  • hypersensitivity reaction to Vitamin A;
  • with individual intolerance of topical retinoids;
  • with signs of severe erythema multiforme.

Pregnant women did not take part in clinical trials of Tretinoin. After absorption through the skin, this topical medicine penetrates into the blood, can pass the placental barrier and can affect the fetus development.

Because of possible side effects, Tretinoin can be used to treat acne during pregnancy only when the benefits of topical retinoids for the mother and fetus exceed their possible risks.

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