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Differin is a topical medication based on Adapalene. It is prescribed to adults and adolescents over 12 years of age, who can not get rid of acne with the help of preventive methods and non-drug therapies. For an intensive acne treatment, one of several Differin dosage forms can be used, including lotion, cream and solution  0.1%) , and topical gel  0.1% or 0.3%).

Directions for Applying

Differin contains the active substance Adapalene, which possesses anti-inflammatory activity and normalizes metabolic processes in the tissues of the epidermis. The drug also prevents densifying of the upper epidermis layer, which prevents sebum accumulation in the pores of the skin.

Thanks to these properties, Differin is used to treat:

  • mild acne
  • moderate acne

The drug reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process and reduces the formation of blackheads and spots. Differin gel and solution do not contain oil and can be successfully used in the treatment of problematic oily skin. The drug is quickly absorbed into the skin and slightly dries it.

Composition of Differin cream and lotion includes an emollient cream base and can be used in the treatment of acne in patients with sensitive and dry facial skin. Acne medication has the property of accumulating in the tissues, which contributes to the normalization of the sebaceous glands function and a rapid regeneration of the epidermis layers.

Method of application

Use Differin not more than once a day. It is recommended to apply it in the evening before bedtime, on a pre-cleansed skin area. Acne medication is applied to the entire face (not only to the spots) and other affected skin areas, while avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth.

A small amount of Differin (usually four pea-sized amounts are sufficient) is applied on the affected area with finger pads and should be gently rubbed into the skin until completely absorbed. Then, you need to wash your hands with soap and remove medication out of reach of children.

It is important to understand that the use of Differin in larger quantities does not lead to an increase in the therapeutic effect, and, on the contrary, contributes to overdose and the appearance of adverse reactions.

The duration of Differin use depends on how quickly your acne improve. Usually, the first improvements become noticeable after a month of regular drug application. Persistent improvement is observed in 3 months.

If no improvement occurs after this period of time, Differin should be discontinued. Repeated treatment is possible only after consulting a doctor.

Contraindications for use

Despite the favorable safety profile and good efficacy of Differin, some patients with certain conditions can not use it. In some cases, the drug should be used with extreme caution.

The use of this acne medication, in the first place, is contraindicated in patients, who are hypersensitive to Adapalene or to any other Differin component.

The drug should not be used in patients with:

  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • eczema.

Since the efficacy and safety of the drug use in patients younger than 12 years is not determined, the use of Differin in this age group is not recommended.

Data on the use of Differin during pregnancy are very limited. Although there is no evidence of a negative effect on the fetus, pregnant women are not advised to use the medication.

Breast-feeding women can use Differin, yet with caution. The drug should not be applied to the breast to avoid contact action over the child.

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